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Undrafted but impressive


Receiver Lestar Jean, a 6-3, 215-pound undrafted rookie from Florida Atlantic, continues to make plays. He and Terrence Toliver (6-5, 204) are impressive rookies who have outstanding size. They’ve both made plays in every practice.

Jean made two outstanding catches in the morning practice. He outjumped smaller defensive backs. The Texans have four receivers – Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter, Jacoby Jones and Dorin Dickerson – who’ll make the team. A fifth spot and a practice squad spot are there for the taking

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Lestar Jean makes bid for No. 4 WR job

Houston Texans WR Lestar Jean had a pair of receptions for 53 yards in the preseason opener Monday, Aug. 15, against the New York Jets. Jean, the rookie out of Florida Atlantic University, is battling for the No. 4 receiver job. “Jean’s been doing that all camp,” head coach Gary Kubiak said. “It was good to see him make those plays.”

2011-08-15 21:45:03 | Source: Houston Chronicle – John McClain

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Its Official….Lestar Jean Is A Houston Texan!

The Houston Texans signed 15 undrafted free agents.  And The Big Play was one of them.

From everyone here at….CONGRATS!

First Last Pos. Ht. Wt. Age College
Mister Alexander LB 6-3 227 23 Florida State
Howard Barbieri G 6-5 300 23 Rutgers
Justin Bartlett FB 6-0 237 22 Carroll-Montana
Bryan Braman LB 6-5 230 24 West Texas A&M
Steven Friday LB 6-3 228 24 Virginia Tech
John Graves DE 6-3 286 24 Virginia Tech
Brett Hartmann P 6-2 226 23 Central Michigan
Peter Hendrickson T 6-7 304 23 Tulane
Lestar Jean WR 6-3 215 23 Florida Atlantic
Jeff Maehl WR 6-0 190 22 Oregon
Zane Parr DE 6-4 281 22 Virginia
Zach Pauga FB 6-1 246 23 Colorado State
Maurice Rolle S 6-0 189 23 Louisiana-Lafayette
Jason Teague CB 6-1 184 22 Texas Christian
Terrence Toliver WR 6-5 203 23 Louisiana State
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Dolphins And Seahawks Were In The Running To Draft Jean

By Chuck King

Even in the closing minutes of Saturday’s NFL draft, Lestar Jean still believed he might get chosen.


That thought was more than just wishful thinking from a player envisioning and NFL career.

As the seventh round unfolded, Jean said he received calls from Seattle and Miami representatives informing him that their clubs were considering him for their final pick.

Both teams, however, passed on the former FAU wide receiver.

“I’m not mad,” said Jean (photo by Ralph Notaro). “I was expecting to be a free agent.”

In a normal year, being a free agent wouldn’t be a worst case scenario. Jean could try to match his talents to the team that could use them the most. That’s not the case this year – at least not yet.

The current lockout will keep NFL teams from signing free agents. That leaves Jean and former FAU teammates Jeff Van Camp and Michael Lockley in limbo.

“You really don’t know as far as free agents go. Because of the lockout, teams can’t really talk to you,” Jean said. “We just have to wait and see.”

Jean now has to wait for the labor dispute to work its way through the courts, or for a miraculous quick settlement between the two sides. On Friday the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily ruled in favor of the owners, reinstating a lockout that had been ended only days prior by another court decision. Should the latest stay be lifted, free agency could begin immediately.

The sooner the better for Jean, who worries that a lengthy lockout which drags into the summer could make NFL teams reluctant to sign free agents.

“If it was a normal year then it would be different,” Jean said. “(This year) some teams might just go to camp with the players that they have.”

While he waits, Jean said he might look to see whether any local high schools need an assistant football coach.

“I always felt like I was good enough to play in the NFL,” Jean said. “I proved that this year.”

Incidentally, Jean said he didn’t watch the draft on Saturday (he was at the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando), but he did tune in on Friday in time to see Arizona select Rob Housler.

“I saw they talked about him and everything,” Jean said. “It was exciting to see someone you played with get drafted.”

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A LeSTAR Is Born

By Chuck King

With the NFL Draft finally upon us we here at have made a choice: From here on out, say hi to Lestar.

More than a few FAU fans have asked why they keep seeing FAU wide receiver Lester Jean referred to as “Lestar Jean” in pre-draft articles. The answer is simple – that’s his real name.

Even since he was in elementary school people have looked at the name and assumed it was supposed to be “Lester,” so teachers, classmates and friends called him Lester.

“People just used to think it was a typo,” Jean said. “I got tired of correcting people.”

That carried all the way through to his FAU career, where Jean (right, photo by Kelsey Hamilton) estimated that only a couple of his teammates knew his first name was really Lestar (emphasis on “STAR”).

At one point before the start of the season we even asked him which one he preferred, and he told us we might as well stick with Lester.

We figured that would work while he’s still an Owl, but now that Jean is about to be an NFL player we’re making the change. That’s why he was Lestar Jean in yesterday’s draft preview, and we changed his Draft Profile to Lestar.

We’re not going to go back through all the stories we’ve written about Jean over the past few years – for Owl fans he will forever be Lester. Football fans across the country, however, are about to be introduced to Lestar.

And for those of you who may be just now learning about Jean or perhaps want to stroll down memory lane, be sure to check out that Lestar Jean Draft Profile. We also have a Draft Profile for Rob Housler, Michael Lockley and Jeff Van Camp. These pages contain stories, videos and statistics on each player. Some pretty cool stuff there.

Owl Links

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NFL Lockout Resumes…Court Grants Temporary Stay.

Credit Reuters

MIAMI,(Reuters) – The NFL’s request for a temporary stay on the injunction that lifted the league’s lockout of players was granted Friday, bringing the lockout back into effect — for now, at least.

The decision by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals puts the lockout back into force while the court decides on the NFL’s main request for a stay pending appeal of the injunction which forced the league to restart work.

The decision came as the NFL was carrying out the second and third rounds of its annual draft and it was not immediately clear what effect, if any, the ruling would have on Saturday’s draft proceedings.

NFL players had succeeded, on Monday, in winning a district court injunction to halt the lockout — a move which the league immediately appealed.

“The purpose of this administrative stay is to give the court sufficient opportunity to consider the merits of the motion for a stay pending appeal. The district court’s order of April 25, 2011, is temporarily stayed.” said the court order.

One of the three members of the court panel dissented from the decision.

The lockout was imposed after talks between the league and players over a new collective bargaining agreement broke down on March 11.

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The BIG PLAY Of The Day 4/27/11

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The BIG PLAY Of The Day

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Lestar Jean 1st Trading Card….Collect Them ALL!


Like a lot of people during this economic downturn, I’ve become increasingly concerned about my retirement plan.

Since the whole lottery ticket regimen doesn’t seem to be working (it’s as though the odds are stacked against me), I’ve been forced to re-think my strategy.

Good news, though. I found my sun pass through the easy street toll.

See, I got a guy. Can’t tell you his name, but he gets me some really good stuff. Yesterday he slipped me a rare, one-of-a-kind item that’s going to force me to hire mob muscle to guard my safety deposit box, which may or may not be buried under a tree in a Maine hay field.

The scar-faced big dudes in shiny suits will ensure no one messes with my newest treasure – the first football cards for Rob Housler, Lester Jean and Jeff Van Camp. No, you can’t have hold them. They are mine.

Remember how much those rookie cards of Hall of Famers turned out to be worth? Well these are pre-draft cards, yo!

You know what that means: Bank!

A company called SAGE Collectibles created these bad boys, and I’m told that some of the packs they are selling contained cards autographed Housler, Jean and Van Camp. I can’t even begin to think about how set I’d be if I had one of those, but if any of you three are reading this, I already have a yacht on layaway. Can you help a poor hack out?

I mean, I see why you wouldn’t to do it. Simple economics. You want to create scarcity because demand elevates value. That’s why Craig Angelos had you sign a few of his, then told you it was a violation of some sort to sign for other people. I see right through his plan to put those cards on E-Bay in a couple years to help finance the stadium.

Regardless of Angelos’ dastardly plan, I’m still thinking I’ll come out on top. These cards I now own are so freakin’ cool that I’m going to make copies to carry around in my wallet. When I’m out on weekends, I’ll pull them out to impress the ladies. “Yeah, I know these guys. Another round of Pabst if you dance on the table…”

The good life is coming.

I’ll never have to wait for a cab again.

If I ever get pulled over, I’m not going to ask the cop if he knows who I am. I can say, do you know who I’ve got a picture of?

They will be my new passport photos.

And don’t even get me started about making it rain at South Beach – or Hallandale Beach, as the case may be.

Before today I felt as empty as a bottle of scotch sentenced to the passenger seat of Miguel Cabrera’s car. Now, I’m the scotch. Don’t believe me? Check out my kilt. Cue the bagpipes.

Most kidding aside, I have to admit I’m pretty envious. These cards really look cool. You can’t tell me when you were a kid you didn’t dream of having your own trading card. I don’t care if these cards ever become worth more than what I paid for them, they will be kept safely in my possession for many years to come.

But Rob, Jeff and Lester, if you are reading this, feel free to go out and have Hall of Fame careers. That should at least get me a scooter…

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